Dr. Nkem’s Value Ripplets

I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

- Mother Theresa

Dr. Nkem brings you all-round 360 Value through …

Kaizen 101

Focus on Improving & Getting Better

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Promote Continuous Improvement with focus on:

  • Personal growth – professionally & personally
  • Applying Kaizen to everyday life
  • Failure stories that led to success
  • Staying THICK
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Health & Wellness

Promoting Health & Wellness

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Promote Health and Wellness​ with a focus on:

  • Wellness Management
  • Healthcare disparities 
  • Advanced primary care & community care
  • Chronic Illnesses & Special needs
  • Women’s Health & Global Healths
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Promoting Business & Business Leaders

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Promote entrepreneurship with focus on:

  • Entrepreneurial diversification
  • Startup & Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial business leaders 
  • Women entrepreneurs
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Promoting Legacy & Accomplishments

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Promote legacy of accomplishments & handed down traditions With focus on:

  • Motherhood & parenthood
  • My legacy lessons
  • Generation wealth foundations
  • Mentorship
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Cultural Harmony

Promoting Cultural Diversity & Harmony

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Promote Continuous Improvement with focus on:

  • Cultural Curiosity
  • Cultural competency
  • The harmony of cultures in everyday life – food, dance, health etc.
  • Global Equity
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Welcome - Meet Dr. Nkem

Dr. Nkem is a global multi-award-winning kaizen entrepreneur with over 20 years of multidimensional experience as – a serial entrepreneur, a physician, and an expert in the fields of public health, leadership development, business administration, & transformation strategies.

Dr. Nkem‘s value proposition is to help others sculpt their highest potential – in a way that is unique to the person. She does this by providing a nearly 360-degree perspective across different life building blocks (she calls “Ripplets of Value”) – Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Harmony, Legacy, and Kaizen 101.

Entrepreneur & Physician Executive Award-Winning Expert

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