I want to cause ripples of value in your life and mine by providing a 360-degree perspective across different topics – Health and wellness, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Harmony, Legacy, and Kaizen 101. Value 360 is a place to discuss all topics that bring value to people to improve who they are and live more fulfilled lives! Value 360 covers various topics across key categories, namely Health, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Harmony, Legacy, and Kaizen 101. These ripples of value can be applied to help you continue sculpting your potential and start doing what is necessary and, thereafter, the impossible!.

Dr. Nkem’s Value RippletsDr. Nkem brings you all-round 360 Value through …

Kaizen 101

Focus on Improving & Getting Better

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Promote Continuous Improvement with focus on:

  • Personal growth – professionally & personally
  • Applying Kaizen to everyday life
  • Failure stories that led to success
  • #Staying THICK
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Health & Wellness

Promoting Health & Wellness

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Promote Health and Wellness​ with a focus on:

  • Wellness Management
  • Healthcare disparities ​
  • Advanced primary care & community care​
  • Chronic Illnesses & Special needs
  • Women’s Health​ & Global Healths
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Promoting Business & Business Leaders

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Promote entrepreneurship with focus on:

  • Entrepreneurial diversification
  • Startup & Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial business leaders 
  • Women entrepreneurs
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Promoting Legacy & Accomplishments

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Promote legacy of accomplishments & handed down traditions​ With focus on:

  • Motherhood & parenthood​
  • My legacy lessons
  • Generation wealth foundations
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Cultural Harmony

Promoting Cultural Diversity & Harmony

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Promote Continuous Improvement with focus on:

  • Cultural Curiosity
  • Cultural competency
  • The harmony of cultures in everyday life – food, dance, health etc.
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Valued InsightsValue 360 Videos

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Valued PerspectiveValue 360 Blogs

Welcome To The Value 360 Blog’

The Value 360 blog is a series of blog posts where I share easy-to-understand, practical, and valuable ideas and solutions for working professionals & young adults seeking to sculpt through – to their fullest potential! The Value 360 blog posts...

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The Foundation of Good Leadership’

Leadership is one of the most promoted teachings. However, leadership should not be taken lightly. It is an evolution that requires hard work and dedication to become an effective leader. To start off on the right track, one must first recognize...

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The Silent Killer

Stress can be Invisible! Looking healthy, but Annual Wellness Check says “Not so”! Stress is a part of our daily lives. It is an inherent part of daily activities – on the job and “off-the-clock”. But when stress becomes chronic, it...

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